Ricburn Media is behind an ongoing free heavy music compilation series called Virulent Metal.

Virulent Metal is made available for free download via Bandcamp, and is promoted extensively to the metal media via Ricburn Media’s PR network (press releases, social media, etc)

Each volume of Virulent Metal features no more than 10 tracks, ensuring that even casual listeners get through the whole comp.
No band gets stuck being at the end of a needlessly long list.

Signing on to a volume costs only $25.
Yes, gone are the days of expensive CD comps that had limited copies. With Virulent Metal, you pay less and get more.

Slots are first-come first-serve, and your track is uploaded immediately upon payment, so you don’t have to wait for the comp to be complete to start getting heard. Your song goes directly online whether the volume is complete or not.

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Virulent Metal: