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UNBURNT Release Debut Single “Harnessing Black Flame” (feat. members of Derelict and Odium)

Guitarist Bo Louther and drummer Joe Mullen from the powerhouse melodic death metal outfit Odium have joined forces with vocalist Eric Burnet, known for his work with Canadian Independent Music Awards nominees Derelict, as well as Samskaras and Autumn Spirit.… continue reading »

DERELICT interview on Ondes Choc

Derelict frontman Eric Burnet was interviewed at length in this edition of the Ondes Choc podcast. C’est en Français! (interview is at about minute 49). http://soundcloud.com/ondeschocs/capsule-ondes-chocs-57-20

Derelict tell the story behind ‘Yours To Surpass’, via antimusic.com

Max Lussier and Eric Burnet (yeah, me!) from Derelict sit down to tell the story behind the music and lyrics for their song, ‘Yours To Surpass’, via www.antimusic.com: http://www.antimusic.com/news/12/November/07Singled_Out-_Derelict.shtml

Eric from Derelict interviewed by HeavyHardMetalMania

HeavyHardMetalMania interviewed Eric from Derelict about the band, lyrical topics and much more. Check it out here: http://www.heavyhardmetalmania.net/2012/10/derelict-find-peace-with-perpetuation.html

Hail The Hero interviews Derelict’s Eric Burnet

Hail The Hero just published a second interview about the upcoming Woodstock Funfest 3, this one with Derelict frontman Eric Burnet. Read it here: http://hailthehero.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/interview-with-derelict-vocalist-eric-burnet-about-woodstock-funfest/