In a nutshell…
How “big” you are considered to be as an artist is mostly dependent on how many people know who you are, and how you present yourself to those people.
Our job is to increase your level of exposure by calling attention to everything you do and by making sure your originality stands out.

More specifically, we cover…

Media Relations (writing press releases, seeking news coverage, reviews, features and radio play)
Our network includes hundreds of media sources that cover music, from widely distributed newspapers and magazines to underground genre-specific blogs.

Media Consultancy (coordinating marketing and social media so that it all fits together)
We help you figure out the best ways to present and promote yourself online, ranging from what goes in your bio to the tone of your tweets.

Bio and Presskit Creation (preparing info sheets and download packages)
Music industry professionals want your information to be easily accessible, to-the-point and visually appealing. We equip our clients with modern press tools that are as effective in digital form as they are as printed hard copies.

Tour Press (city-specific media relations following an itinerary)
Whether it’s a month-long tour, a weekend out or a local gig, any live performance should be promoted to local media sources. Think listings, previews, live reviews, ticket giveaway contests, etc.

Management Consultancy (getting you organized and on the right track)
We help guide your career through the jungle that is the modern music industry by advising you on the strategies that will actually help you move forward. This ranges from internal management, to finances to booking assistance.

Translation (of everything and anything, between English and French)
We are bilingual. Nous sommes bilingues.
French versions of all our services are included when targeting French-language media sources, but we also translate business communications for those tricky conversations with industry people with whom you do not share a first language.

Pricing and Packages
All our services are available as one-off contracts, depending on your needs. The prices vary according to the scope and length of each project.
That said, our most effective campaigns take place as part of all-inclusive monthly packages that cover all of the above and more in a coordinated way.
And, we understand the budgets modern musicians are facing. We’re very fair!

…for examples of our work, just scroll through the blog on the homepage, we keep it up to date!