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MESSAGE TO VENUS Release ‘To Smile’ Fan-Assisted Music Video

This Fall, Puerto Rico-via-Miami rockers Message To Venus issued a call to their fans and the online music community to help them produce their new music video. They asked for pictures of fans holding up signs displaying things that can be conquered with a positive attitude.

With the help of nearly 100 international fans, M2V are pleased to finally release the video. Check out “To Smile”, here:

“‘To Smile’ is an acoustic song, and not a typical video single,” comments M2V drummer and video director JuanMa Font. “In our case, we wanted to let our friends, followers, and fans take part in it, even though they’re all far away. The video for ‘To Smile’ is a work of love towards our fans, and that makes us pretty happy.”

“To Smile” can be found on M2V‘s The Envelope EP, available on iTunes and via the band’s official website,

February 4, 2013