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AUTUMN SPIRIT Releases Sophomore EP “Watching Embers, Finding Flames” As Pay-What-You-Want Download, Streaming In Full

Following only three months after their debut EP, Fly Home, the Montreal folk rock project Autumn Spirit has launched a second offering in the form of the three-song EP, Watching Embers, Finding Flames. Created by musician Eri​c Burnet, known for his metal projects Derelict and Samskaras, Autumn Spirit is a melding of a wide variety of influences that meet to form often melancholic and sometimes progressive folk songs, peppered with hints of latin rhythms and heavy metal arrangements. Fans of Iron & Wine, Pink Floyd and Andy McKee, as well as the softer sides of Opeth and Agalloch will find something for them here. WEFF was recorded and mixed by David Kunstatter, know for his engineering work for the Dodos and Yukon Blonde as well as his own project Glass Passenger, and mastered by Richard White of The Besnard Lakes.

The EP is streaming in full and available as a pay-what-you-want download via, and is also on iTunes, CD Baby and more.

Watching Embers, Finding Flames was written in 2014 in the wake of some monumental personal challenges for Burnet. “As I was working on finishing up Fly Home, I went through two very difficult life events back to back,” explains Burnet. “The three songs on WEFF just poured out of me during that time, and it made sense to record and release them on the same momentum as Fly Home. They are of course very distinct, and it was important for me artistically that the two EPs be separate entities.”

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March 16, 2015