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Samskaras is the new metal project founded by Montreal-based musician Eric Burnet (Derelict). With songs written from an exploratory perspective, influences as far-flung as Gorguts, The Ocean, Enslaved, Wood Of Ypres, The Faceless, Gojira and more are mixed into inventive combinations. Burnet is joined by drummer Alexandre Dupras, known for his work with (the)Plasmarifle, Unhuman and Teramobil.

“With Samskaras I just want to let the seed of each idea grow into what it may,” explains Burnet. “It’ll remain extreme music, but I’m more interested in reflecting my inner state and telling stories than I am in fitting into one genre or another. I approached Alexandre to do the drums because his organic style fits really well with how I write for this project.”

In Eastern philosophy, samskaras are the mental imprints left on the subconscious mind by life experiences. They accumulate and affect how the individual thinks and behaves throughout life. “We’re all carrying around these echoes of our feelings and they help to define who we are,” comments Burnet. “With this band I’m hoping to give life to a few of my own.”

Following the release of two singles, “Red Hill” and “Consecrate” in the fall of 2014, Samskaras will be writing for a followup EP.

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