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Based in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Endemise delivers a masterful palate of melodic death metal with well-blackened edges. Unforgiving rhythms in the vein of Watain and Abigail Williams support melodies influenced by Dissection delivered with power and ceremony akin to Behemoth and Septic Flesh.

After forming in 2005, Endemise‘s initial efforts culminated with the release of a debut full-length album, Unearth The Throne, in 2009. 2010 saw the release of the band’s self-titled EP which was immediately supported on the Ottawa Metal Assault Tour with Darkness Rites (now Obey the Brave) and Immersed (featuring members of Vital Remains). Now in 2013, the band is back with a focused and expanded version of their sound in the form of their sophomore full-length release, Far From The Light, due out in October 2013. Produced by long-time collaborator Mike Bond along with Endemise guitarist Dale Sauvé, this new effort is imbued with a new maturity and atmospheric quality assimilated through live experience and extensive reflection. Added emotion and tone now counterpoint the band’s crushing riffs and vicious vocal delivery.

“After 8 years of writing music for Endemise I think we have finally found our true sound,” comments guitarist Dale Sauvé. “We have pushed ourselves harder than ever before in the studio and spent over a year recording. This new record contains some of our heaviest and most melodic material yet.”  

Endemise have taken the stage alongside such international acts as Eluveitie, Anaal Nathrakh, Cattle Decapitation, Anvil and Beneath the Massacre, all the while growing their reach and the respect of the metal masses in Canada and abroad. Far From The Light promises to usher in a new chapter in the band’s history, expanding the scope of their influence.