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Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe


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Photo credit: Myriam Francoeur

Widely acclaimed for his work with such progressive death metal heavyweights as Beyond Creation and Augury, Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe’s boundary-pushing playing has positioned him as one of the most innovative and followed bass players in metal. Graduating through 4-string, 6-string, 4-string fretless and 6-string fretless challenges with ease, Lapointe is always looking to the musical horizon for new ways to push himself and his bands, even now curiously eyeing the 7-string fretless as a new potential frontier, and seeking a company to partner with to make this happen.

First picking up the instrument in 1991 after friends forced him to watch videos of Cliff Burton, Lapointe launched into the depths of the bass and metal in general without ever looking back. After playing in various local bands and pursuing a three-year college degree in Jazz/Pop performance, Lapointe’s first professional mark on the scene was in 2001 with Atheretic‘s Adhesion, Aversion… album. From there he joined Augury and recorded Concealed (2004) and Fragmentary Evidence (2009), played with Quo Vadis for the recording of the Defiant Indoctrination live DVD/CD (2005/2007), joined Beyond Creation and released The Aura (2011/2013) and formed Teramobil for the release of Multispectrum Supercontinuum (2013), all the while releasing Atheretic‘s Apocalyptic Nature Fury in 2005 and playing with several other regional acts.

While unchallengeable on record, Lapointe’s mind-bending playing takes on an additional dimension live, as fans who have seen him play on Canadian, North American and European tours for his various projects can attest. His renditions of the recorded compositions are precise, yet the frenetic energy imbued by his stage prowess makes them that much more unbelievable. Online fans have not been spared either: Lapointe’s play-through for the Beyond Creation track “Omnipresent Perception” has left bassists and fans in general speechless and simply wanting more.

Lapointe has no plans of slowing down whatsoever. Beyond Creation recently signed to Season Of Mist Records for the re-release of The Aura and have a new album due in 2014. Augury and Teramobil have full-lengths due that same year, and there are even whispers of a Dominic Lapointe solo effort stirring somewhere in the nether… Keep your eyes peeled for more recording and touring from this Québécois bass wizard.


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